• Daily Mail

    Porn Heiress India Rose James celebrates 23rd birthday in London
    Daily Mail
    And India Rose James seemed like any other young woman as she celebrated her 23rd birthday with friends on Wednesday night. The heiress – who shares a fortune well over £300million with her older sister, Fawn – and her entourage were pictured ...

  • Quartz

    Everything you wanted to know about how India watches porn in one map and ...
    Pornhub, one of the world's largest adult websites, has given Quartz access to their data, outlining India's sexual preferences and porn habits, just as the government looks into the possibility of introducing web filters on pornographic content. The ...

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  • India Today

    Complete survey on how India watches porn
    India Today
    <a href=" The results show that India's favorite porn star is the Indian-origin Canadian Sunny Leone.A new study done on data released by Pornhub, one of the most popular adult entertainment websites in India, and ...

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  • Why India does not need porn stars
    India Today
    Before Sunny Leone, Priya Rai and Shanti Dynamite became popular with the Indian audience, the entertainment industry was not devoid of the erogenous and erotic appeal. We have always had our own desi divas to titillate the audience and their numbers ...

  • Deccan Chronicle

    India ranks #4 on world-wide internet porn access
    Deccan Chronicle
    Porn is one topic which raises eyebrows, especially in India. With intimacy and sex dating back to the Indian history, we still don't take as much pride in the topic. However, a latest survey done by Quartz India, along with Pornhub, states that India ...